Thursday, March 25, 2010

Richard Branson Pool Party

Wow. Friday nights 'Branson by the Pool' party was fantastic!We had been a tad concerned because of the somewhat ambiguous dress code which simply read; 'A splash of white' (is that a formal splash? a cocktail splash? a bikini splash?!) But we arrived downstairs to a fairly eclectic bunch of whom we felt we were on the dressier side, and as my clever mummy always told me, "There is no such thing as being over dressed". So we were quietly confident that we had the sartorial element well covered and we headed to the VIP section with our heads held high.
What a lovely setting it was. We were welcomed into the VIP area by some buff, smiling, grass skirted, bongo beating, dancing boys, immediately followed by a sea of smiling wait persons holding trays and trays of french champagne, red and white wines, beers, and some strange clear looking liquid which I think someone said was called 'worta' or something ?? Anyway, dont you worry, we steered well clear of that dodgy looking cocktail!

Plush lounge areas were set up under lovely white canopies, beautiful, colourful lighting lit up the trees surrounding the large pool area, and there were, amongst a rather alarming number 'C.U.B.s' (Cashed Up Bogan's) lots of lovely, beautiful and interesting looking people.

We did a quick tour to assure ourselves that the VIP section was in fact much much better than the other bit, and once we were satisfied that the extra charity offering was indeed well worth it, we set about finding some people to mingle with.
We ran into the couple that had told us about the event in the first place and chatted for a while. Their son was lucky enough to be spending the day following Sir Dick around Perth filming for a doco about the charity that he was involved in making, so they were, quite rightly, very proud indeed.
A number of photographers were milling about the place, rounding up the beautiful people to snap for the society pages, the four of us laughed as we were time after time over looked and ignored, despite our best attempts to look pouty and important. It became quite a joke until one such woman of the press approached the Boy Person and I and asked if she could please get a shot of us for the 'WA Today'! Feeling mixed emotions of delight and smugness at passing the 'good enough for Perth's society pages' test and discomfort that she hadn't asked all four of us, we posed happily and the outcome was this:

The night rocked on and Sir Dick eventually turned up in a chariot type thing that was carried by some of those buff, grass skirted men, and did a spiel on stage about the Strike a Chord for Cancer Foundation, then we we were entertained by the singer of the Baby Animals who was joined by some of the very talented young beneficiaries of the charity. They did some great AC/DC covers!

We met some lovely people, drank loads of the lovely champagne, ate too little of the lovely food, and had a thoroughly wonderful time. We never did get to meet Sir Dick though, despite being only inches away from him at most times, he was so swamped with eager and quite disturbingly grabby people, that we decided to just enjoy the event and leave him to it.
So I received no invite to fly to the moon with him, but I did have a magical night, for a very good cause. Thank you Mr. Branson!

Photos, From Top: WA Today, My Own, Mix 94.5, WA Today, Mix 94.5


  1. What a lovely party. Mr Branson certainly wasn't'overdressed' was he. Mummy. xx

  2. He certainly wasn't. And there I was slagging off all the C.U.B's who were wearing jeans, and he turns up like that! Oops. x

  3. Love your blog! Great mix of posts; loved the fabulous insight into Sir dicks party!

  4. Looks like a fab night Aimee - you both looked gorgeous! I'm late to the party but is Fancy That Jan related to you in some way? If so, you will have inherited many great genes!!!!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Hi Millie,
    yep, 'Fancy That Jan' is my clever Mum... Fancy That!


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