Monday, March 1, 2010

Excuse me while I revert back to being a teenager….

I am heading off to see one of my all time FAVOURITE bands this evening. I last saw them in Wellington in 90-something and am so so SO excited to see them again. My lovely friend, Ange, from back home went to see the Auckland show and assures me that they are still superb and that the gorgeous Mike Patton is still as lust worthy as ever :)

The poster above was designed for the Auckland Show, I cant wait to see what the Perth one looks like. I may even have to put one on the bedroom wall for a while just to feel young again.

Also appearing before the headliners are a couple more of my teenage (and current) faves, Placebo and Janes Addiction. WooHoooo!

Right, time to put my dancing/moshing/crowd surfing shoes on…. Here I come Mikey!!!

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  1. Hope you had a cool time. We have Arts Festival on just now, yeah completely different I know, but still exciting stuff.


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