Friday, March 5, 2010


As I mentioned here, we decided to go to Nine Fine Foods for my Birthday dinner last weekend. I am so glad we did! It was absolutely stunning. More on that in a minute....

Before dinner, we decided to have a hit of tennis for an hour or so , you know, to 'earn' the calories we planned on consuming. So, after a bit of back and forth on instant messenger about where we would play (apparently, well, as I understood it) all the courts at our club were booked up for the evening. So after work I nip home, change into my tennis gear, then quickly pose for a 'Tennis Weekly' shoot....

.. What do you mean? Of course that is me!

Anyway, then I nip off to meet the Boy Person at the courts around the corner from our house, because of course, as Boy Person said, there were no free courts at our normal club. Looking forward to our game, I stand in the main meeting area doing lots of stretches and warm ups...

I called Boy Person to confirm that he was meeting me at the club rather than at home and yes, that was all sorted and he would be there in minutes. I waited, and waited, and waited...

So I called him, "how far away are you??... I'm here!... No you aren't!...I am so!..." and so on. I explained that I was waiting next to the shop, at which point he realised.... We were at different clubs.

Well, clearly there had been a misunderstanding, and CLEARLY it was HIS fault. So with that I stormed off home trying to ignore the looks from the 'ladies who lunch' who had been watching me and assuming I was being stood up.

On the way home though I started to giggle, was quite funny really and hey, we'd just have to start the birthday celebrations a bit earlier instead!

So we dolled ourselves up and headed over the road to our local for a pre dinner drink. And it was just our luck too, it just happened to be... Karaoke night! woohoo! [please note strong levels of sarcasm here]

But in actual fact, It was quite amusing. A rather scary looking group of dolled up old girls, who looked like they would be better suited sitting in the Rovers Return, and who clearly took their Karaoke nights very VERY seriously, rocked up and proceeded to warble and strut their stuff like there was no tomorrow (to be honest there may not have been in some of their cases).

After resisting the temptation to quietly tell one of the old ducks that she really wasn't pulling of the Tina Turner shift dress she was wearing, we headed off around the corner to Nine Fine Foods.

After perusing the menu we decided that the set menu was the yummiest and best value option. And we were right. The starter of mixed Sashimi was the best I've ever tasted and there was plenty of it, the next course was a delectable plate of seared Scallops and Duck, the main was a melt in your mouth beef fillet with a creamy mash and crisp fresh tempura veges. Then the desert, which was obviously their signature sweet, a Banana, Chocolate and Red Bean Spring roll with Chocolate ice cream. OMG it was DIVINE!

We washed all of that down with a couple of lovely chardonnays and headed back to check on Vera, Beryl, Betty and Hilda who were still rocking out the pub next door.

Next morning (Birthday) we were up at sparrows fart and headed off to try a cafe near us that I'd heard great things about. West End Deli. It is a great place, very rustic in its decor, chairs hang on the walls, and old cash register sits in the corner and the paint on the walls is peeling off by the metre. The coffee was the best I have had in Perth. That is no exaggeration, it is near on impossible to get a decent coffee (more so if you are a Wellingtonian like me and therefore used to THE best coffee in the world) and this one was fab.

For eats we both ordered the Smoked Salmon on brioche, with poached egg, coriander and a date and egg plant chutney. It was amaaaaaaaaazing.

I cant wait to head back there to try some of the other delights on offer!

I've made myself hungry now.... so I'm off to get supplies for tea. Have a great weekend! ♥

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