Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fly me to the moon...

...Is what I shall be saying to Sir Richard Branson when I meet him on March 19th.

I am very excited to be attending a fabulous charity event at the Burswood. The event has been organised to raise funds for the Strike a Chord for Cancer Foundation which you can read all about here.

I have decided that Sir Dick and I shall become great friends and he is sure to invite my lovely friends and I on one of his Virgin Galactic voyages.

We treated ourselves to VIP tickets for a few reasons, a) It's a good cause b) we get to meet the man himself (and become BFFs of course) and c) French Champagne, lots and lots of French Champagne.

So the obvious dilemma remains to be solved. What does one wear to a pool side charity event hosted by one of the richest men in the world??

How about, a little Jonathan Saunders?..

Perhaps Roberto Cavalli?..

A Wee Pucci?..

Get wrapped up in Herve Leger?..

Or a Sunny Thakoon?..

Hmm... I may have to aim for a slightly more achievable target where the wardrobe is concerned. Ho Hum. Well, it's nice to dream isnt it?

All shoes (Jimmy Choo) and Dresses Found here


  1. Wow, all those dresses are so fabulous!! Too hard to decide!!
    How wonderful that you get to go to an amazing charity/party! Have so much fun!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and really love it! :)

  2. I'd go for the 'wrapped up' one, except in black of course. Should be a good party!!


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