Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You gotta have Faith!

…and boy did I get it!

Faith No More were AMAZING. I have very few more words to say about it I'm afraid. Just more like that one really; awesome, beautiful, talented, rocking, brilliant, sensational, superb, better than ever, magic…. I think you get my point.

So anyway, here's a few piccies I took while there, the first is not of FNM, obviously, but I love the pic and It was a fun swingy round-abouty thing that the Boy person and I went on after seeing Placebo (and before things turned to custard for a while).

I wont go into great long winded detail about the Custard situation and evening to follow, but I shall summarise it for you as follows:

Lost iPhone (his)

Lost Boyfriend (mine)

Angry and upset Girlfriend (his)

Lost opportunity to see Janes Addiction due to lost boyfriend (mine)

Trip home alone on bus so he could call girlfriend from landline to tell her he had no iPhone and could not find her (his)

Fall from great height due to B&E attempt because girlfriend had the keys (his)

Slightly damaged tree in courtyard due to a falling man thinking it was strong enough to climb down (owner of our rented house)

Broken face due to punch received from some angry FNM fan who appeared to be alone, upset and trying to get past a guy who was being an aggressive and slightly scary jerk (guy who was being an aggressive and slightly scary jerk that thought it was funny to push me around and not let me out of the crowd)

Temporary loss of Tag Heuer watch and handbag after having slight tussle with aforementioned jerk (mine)

Feeling of pride and super-heroine-ness due to face punching and ass kicking of Jerk (mine)

Relief to have not lost very expensive watch and handbag contents (mine)

Joy, elation and excitement at watching Faith No More live again, albeit alone (all mine)

Mike Patton even sang a number just for me as you can see here below by reading the ACTUAL speech bubble that conveniently and miraculously appeared out of his mouth just as I took the photo and was real and in no way fabricated or added after the fact by utilising digital editing software or anything like that…


♥♥♥AM ♥♥♥
♥♥♥EVA! ♥♥♥

✌✌✌ FAITH NO MORE ROCKS!!!!! ✌✌✌

OK, that's it. I assure you that all the 'teenager-ness' is now out of my system and I promise to deliver more mature and less groupie-esque nonsense from now on.

Images all taken by moi

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