Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Retail Therapy

On Saturday I went out to start my great search for a dress to wear this weekend. I did not have a great deal of luck in that department and ended up getting terribly side tracked, as one so often does, and came home with a pile of lovely, but mostly unwearable, goodies. I thought I'd share with you my little pile of loot...

I went a little bit book mad. I went in to the store with the intention of buying the Silver Spoon, but as you can see, I also managed to sneak a few more into the cart. A little book on French Cross Stitching, because I have been wanting to try it for so long, but the patterns and books you normally find on the topic look like they belong in the home of someone rather more senior in years. If I am going to take up old lady activities, I shall at least do it in the styliest manner I can manage!

The Europe Book appealed to my itchy feet and is full of inspiration for new places to visit next time I am over there. And finally, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, because I know I have to read it at some point and even though I have a pile a mile high of books not yet read, I decided now was the time to part with the cash for that one. Because it was there. Do I need a better excuse?

With the French Cross Stitch book purchased, I obviously had to immediately buy some hoops and thread, so I did. And finally, because no shopping trip would be complete without a new item for the wardrobe, a gorgeous navy and white tee, shoulders bejewelled and padded (eek.. first shoulder padded purchase since I've been old enough to buy my own clothes!). Lovely.

I was done then, and ready to head home. However, a gorgeous display of luscious new Mor products was there to see me out, and as it just so happened that we were getting quite low on hand wash in the en suite (only about 2/3 of a bottle left), I grabbed some of the lush Italian Blood Orange hand wash and lotion...

Not a bad wee stash at all :)


  1. Aimee, How well said over on Millie's blog. You put everything that I think so succinctly and definitely in a blogshell! Amanda xx

  2. Funny how I never feel guilty spending money on books, maybe its something to do with growing up with lots of books, and the approval I always got from family, teachers etc... when my pocket money went on books. Also, I agree with Amanda on your Millie comment. Well done you. Wish I could feel as confident about the blogging. I seem to be in a funny space with it just now. xx

  3. Clever girl. Just flipped over from Millies and have enjoyed my visit. Your dressing room incident brought back a similar frightening experience that thanks to you I can now laugh at. Keep blogging


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