Monday, June 29, 2009

Latest Buys

At the moment I am certainly buying more than I am selling, but as they say, 'you have to spend money to make money'... and I am sure that all the gorgeous treasures I am finding will soon make there way to stylish homes all over the country.

Yesterday was a very good day at the auctions, I picked up a massive haul of goodies...

And also recently, this GORGEOUS selection of fabric arrived in the post from Funky Fabrix...

Not sure what i'll be creating with it just yet, but i'll be sure to post as soon as I have figured that out! x

Latest Sales

This week saw a few more treasures sell from my eBay site, including these lovelies....

A fab afternoon with the girls...

Well the lunch was great, after a mad dash of a morning trying to get sammies made, house tidied and grog bought, it occurred to me that we only had two wine glasses left following a prior party at ours where a very jolly scotsman got a bit wobbly near some unattended crystal... So I had an ingenious idea and popped into the local vinnies store round the corner and picked up a set of 6 glasses for $1.50 each., magic.

So as expected, an afternoon of gossip, laughter and gooing and gahing at babies ensued whilst getting very jolly on a selection of fine (or not so fine in Tracy's case) wine. An unexpected gatecrash from the Boy who very 'conveniently' had a meeting cancelled and therefore had no choice but to come home and join in, didn't deter from our girlie fun and also meant that the other girls' Boys, stayed for a few when they came to pick up their giggly girls after work. Lovely.

The beautiful Manni had a lovely time too, I made sure i was well stocked up with some of her favourite reads....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ladies Lunch

The girls are coming over for lunch tomorrow, so i am lying awake thinking about sandwich fillings and trying to decide between lashings of ginger beer, tea, or wine.... (ok so that last bit was a joke... not much to decide in that department) But no matter what we end up eating with our wine, i look forward to lots of gossip and laughter...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A work in progress

I have made a few of these Union Jack cushions now, and each time the process gets a little more refined. One of these days i will actually write down the steps so i don't have to rely so much on my memory and Mr Quick Unpick!

I love hanging out in my 'play room', a sanctuary away from everything and everyone, just for me to be creative and make my own mess.... Speaking of mess, Is it just me or is mess perfectly OK if its yours? Anyone else who dares not clean up after themselves in my house is generally on the receiving end of at the very least a 'look' or at worst a complete bollocking, however if its my mess, i shall bloody well get around to cleaning it up when i am good and ready... Thats fair isn't it?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time for a Laugh

Well i've done some 'Live' and i've showed off some 'Lush' now it's time to share a 'Laugh'....

The man and I are HUGE fans of all things comedic, especially that which derives from the UK, because lets face it, if the US have succeeded with a comedy show, there is a 99% chance it is a dumbed down copy of some original Brit gold ('The Office' anyone?)

A recent hit discovery for us is Gavin & Stacey... 

This is the story of how a nice boy from Essex and a sweet girl from Barry fell in love and got married. Only their life isn't quite so simple - family and friends make sure of that...

written by and co-starring Ruth Jones and James Corden

So if you haven't yet met these fab characters, check out seasons one & two on DVD. Or at least check them out on YouTube

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lush Treasures

I was excited to discover a couple of fantastic places in Perth that sell loads of amazing mid 20th century furniture and collectables that I am now all inspired to start searching for my own treasures to collect (or sell on if I find enough!)
I fell in love with the colour and olde-worldliness of the painting above and had to have it as it was such a bargain, as well as the following lush lovelies that I picked up on a recent jaunt....

I found a pile of gorgeous 1950's hand embroidered linen table cloths at some markets in Fremantle, so sweet!

I love these little retro Italian espresso cups, however, as we don't really drink coffee at home I might have to find a new home for them.
There was something about these George Edwards prints that just made me want them! I am tempted to reframe and keep them myself, but perhaps only if I cant tempt anyone else with them.

And lastly there were these funky wee cups, I just adore the colour combination!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lessons Learned

A beautiful crisp and sunny day on Saturday enticed us out for a walk (or skateboard for the tiny people) around one of Perths many gorgeous lakes. I thought i'd take the opportunity to get some photography practice in. However, I was about three (mostly out of focus) shots in and the battery went dead on me. I felt rather silly, but I did get one 'ok' pick of skater extraordinaire, Chopsticks (aka Charlie)... 

Oh, and we had a lovely walk, and an ice cream at the end was a nice reward too! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Spooky Coincidence

Reading the latest at my Mums lovely blog, 'Fancy That' I saw that (amongst other lovely and far less dodgy activities during her weekend away), she had been pilfering flowers that happened to be hanging conveniently over a fence.... Well.... What did I sneak from my side of a neighbors fence just the other day?


The very same plant that had caught my Mums eye! Seriously Spooky! 

First Cushion Sale!

It finally happened...

I have actually sold one of my handmade cushions that have been laying around the house waiting for me to get on with it for far too long.

So this little beauty will be winging it's way to a Vet Clinic of all places in Qld tomorrow. I do hope its not to be used by one of the patients!

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