Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Wishlist - Part I

It turns out that all I want for my birthday is not listed in Fridays post. I want lots more. Lots and lots and lots of luscious lovelies from all over the place. So this week, I will be dropping some seriously unsubtle hints in the hope that someone, somewhere out there (someone with rather a lot of disposable cash, therefore someone I probably, sadly don't know) will shower me with all that i desire on Saturday morning.

What a shame I am not meeting Sir Dick until next month. I suppose I could always refer him to this post when I do meet him and then and happily accept some belated goodies from my new BBFF (Billionaire Best Friend Forever).

Anyway, here goes. Do you have your Credit card ready?

I would be happy to add all or any of these bags of gorgeousness to my Orla Kiely collection.


  1. I'll get Andy and Tray to pick up a Bali special ...

  2. Ooh, love the prints!! Good luck with your wishing...hope you get a beautiful Orla Kiely! :)


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