Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On Yer Bike!

Ever since my last visit to Europe, in particular Belgium, where EVERYONE cycles around their cities, to the shops, out for coffee (and waffles!), meeting friends for a drink, to school, to work, to church.... EVERYWHERE, I have loved the idea. Despite having finally procured a drivers license only two years ago, I now dream of nipping around town in one of these beauties....





A little prohibitive perhaps. There must be more obtainable versions out there... Where did all these glamourous looking cyclists get their lovelies?

I dont know where they got theirs, but I am picking up MY little lovely from the cycle shop over the road from work today!! Yep, Boy person and I spied some fabulous Schwinn Cruisers a while ago and set about selling our old crappy 'modern' looking bikes in order to replace them with these.

Here's my 'Cream' Schwinn:

She will look even lovlier when the man has fitted her little cane basket on the front....

And here is the Boy Persons Schwinn, named (rather aptly I think) 'Willy'....

Of course, it does not go un noticed that all those gorgeous persons above are not wearing the dreaded old Australian enforced Bicyce Helmet. However, I have discovered that there are better options out there, so next on the list is one of these, or something similar at least....

Oh, and of course, apart from all the looking cool and chicness of it all, our main reason for purchasing these was to help reduce the size of our nasty ole carbon footprint. Honest!

Pictures found here: (1-4. found in my file, credit unknown sorry) 5. Marie Claire 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12-14. 15. 16. 17-18. 19. 20. (my file, credit unknown sorry) 21-24. Bikes from Schwinn 25-29. Helmets by Yakkay.


  1. oh my gosh! for out Tik Tok video we did a biking scene, and my friend had her mums old bike which looked alot like these ones!! a little bit rusted and stuff but still not bad which i desperately wanted to use in the video but when we took it down to the beach to do the scene we found out that the wheel was flat and couldnt ride on sand :( im still in love with it though haha. we ended up using proper new bikes. MY FIRST TIME RIDING A PROPER BIKE. unless you could my tricycle i had when i was what.. 4 ??? haha its sad i know but i can officially say i can ride a bike now... even if i still suck :) wow long comment. be sure to check out my tik tok vid :)

  2. I'll take a Gucci thanks. VIN brings up the bike subject periodically, but one of my main issues is of course those dorky helmets. Good luck with finding something stylie. There's definately a gap in the market. Great post. xx

  3. If I lived where you live Jan, my objection would be those bloody hills :)


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