Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inspiration Aplenty

I LOVE discovering great new blogs. I always need more to distract me from my proper daytime desk job duties, to cheer me up, to inspire me, to stay up until 2am reading and bookmarking, to envy and to share with others.

Thanks to the clever Jen over at Made By Girl, I have discovered the absolutely delightful blog of dottie angel. She is a genius of handcrafted goodness in a way that I envy bitterly but am so so so inspired by. I have a list a mile long now of little projects I want to either start, finish or completely re-do because of what I have seen of hers.

Tif (the dottie angel herself) has the most adorable way with words and storytelling, you cant help but 'goofy grin' your way through all her lovely posts.

I recently acquired a great little retro display cabinet, not too dissimilar to the one below, I had planned on using it in my sewing/craft studio to display all my fabrics, I hope it looks as great as this one does full of lovely balls of yarn!

I dont think I will ever stop loving and wanting this wallpaper of Orla's..

As it goes in the great world of Blogland, one great blog always leads to more. Tif led me to another clever lady from Belgium. Yvonne Eijkenduijn. Check out her blog here.

I just love this print above the toilet!

Just had to share those with you, I must now get back to discovering more and more loveliness to feed my soul ♥

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  1. Love the twisted willow hanging, and the art.


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