Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look Look

I love my Mac book. I hate that it took me so long to discover her. But now that have I want to look after her and love her and enjoy her for as long as she is still one of the newer models at least and then I shall cast her aside without a thought and get a better, funkier, shinier new one to love.....
Anyway, until then, I want to buy her one of these. The Book Book has done the rounds a bit on the blogosphere already, but I am so taken by it that I felt the need to express my admiration.
I love old books too, so I think the idea is genius, to protect and disguise your prized macbook in a lovely old leather Book Book!
Book Books are from here. ♥


  1. haha!! book book! genius :D thats awesome.
    ooh check out my blog, and watch the tik tok video ! and post a comment :) xo

  2. Yeah thats great, I hope you'll be very happy together, but me, I don't think my heart will ever get jumpy over a piece of technology. Love the disguise you've given your new love.xx


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