Friday, February 26, 2010

Hot stuff

I am sooooooo not cut out for this Perth heat. Its bad enough that it was 42c degrees yesterday, but just to really make my day, a tree, that had clearly decided it was just far too hot to stand around outside, keeled over taking down some power lines with it. Yup, power cut in the city. No air conditioning. No refrigerator. No happy Aimee.

As soon as a slight (warm) breeze could be felt we moved from the sweatbox (living room) to the mosquito trap (courtyard) and entertained ourselves thusly....

Warm wine and magazines, a little camping light and some bug spray.

Unfortunately, the aerogurad did little to keep the biters away so I now look like I was made in the Fenton workshop....

However, the wine and mags kept our spirits up until we finally noticed the inside light was on.

I shall tell myself it had only just come on that very second so as not to despair at being out in that heat for longer than necessary.

And so, another hot day greets us today. It is 36c degrees at this very moment (2.21pm) and this little note appears in my inbox...

Today, really does feel like 'a Hell of a day!'.

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