Sunday, December 13, 2009

Festive Feathers

Aaaarh! Is it really only a week and a half until Christmas? I am going away next weekend which i'm sure I thought was a brilliant idea when we booked it, however, that means NO MORE WEEKENDS! Why oh why did I plan so many home made xmas things?

Thankfully, I had quite a productive weekend, got lots of the stocking stuffer type shopping done, made the stockings (sacks really… photos to come) for the small people, wrapping paraphernalia was purchased, and I also made these very cool (if I do say so myself) glass baubles with Turkey and Ostrich feathers inside…

I picked up the baubles and feathers from Spotlight, a place that must do incredibly well at this time of year!

I filled the smaller glass baubles with the little coloured feathers, saving the larger red and white Ostrich feathers for the biggies.

I am so pleased with them, isn't it great when an idea works as well as you hoped? Our tree looks so lovely now with these extra bursts of colour.

Have a great week, hope yours isn't as stressful as I fear mine shall be! ♥


  1. I wonder how you got the feathers to sit so well after poking them into the baubles. They look lovely. xx


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