Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Sugar Sugar...

I haven't been able to get the Archies' classic 'Sugar Sugar' (1969) out of my head since Sunday. Why? Well I went for a wander down to the city to check out the new shopping complex thats recently opened up in Perth. My new home town seems to be receiving a much needed rev up and facelift at present, its very exciting! Anyway, back to the Sugar…

Obviously as part of the opening festivities, the centre had a woman doing 'Sugar art' on the floor. I've not seen anything like it before. I have seen loads and loads of chalk art on the pavement and people covered in sliver paint standing really still, but this? Nope… this was a new one, and it was really quite cool, in a charlie and the chocolate factory/alice in wonderland dreamy sort of way.

I only had my iPhone on me so I apologise that the pictures aren't too hot…

And here's the song for you too to get stuck in your head :)


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