Friday, September 4, 2009

Ikea to the rescue…. again

Storage in the new place is a tad limited, which, whilst I have discovered can have its plus side (less crap hoarded), it has been tricky finding homes for things hat once lived in our HUGE en suite at the previous place (honestly, how many bottles of fragrance can one man need?!)
So I tootled off to Ikea and found the perfect solution, this bathroom shelf. It fits snuggly in the only possible spot we could have put anything and holds those few bits that I dont mind having out on show perfectly. There is even a spot at the very bottom for the Boys' bathroom reading material (which generally consists of all those "silly girly fashion and gossip mags that I spend all our money on" ...and that he secretly loves to read :)

I shall now get back to explaining to the Boy why he is still required to put his razors, foot cream, deodorant, toenail clippers etc in the cupboards and NOT on the new shelf…

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  1. The wee bottles of blossom look pretty on top of shelf. Good luck with editing the not-so-charming bathroom bits.


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