Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday Boy

See that little cherub up there? Well today he turns 37 (and is still a little cherub :)

Happy Birthday to you….

Happy Birthday to you….

Happy Birthday dear Jason…

Happy Birthday tooooo yooooou!

Have a great day lovely Boy

And just in case i forget to do a Christmas post, I couldn't let this little gem go unseen….


  1. My god, Jason with hair! Looks cool. Hope you had a great day Birthday Boy. Hope you got a new yellow vest to replace the one in the photo - I used to have one of those but it was yellow and black stripes! They were all the rage.
    Cheers Vin

  2. Hi Vin, I am considering knitting him one for xmas

  3. What ... some hair or a new vest? I like to think I look more distinguished these days, although I really would have preferred Aimee to use a recent photo where I had a shave!

  4. Yes dear, I am going to knit you some hair [insert rolling eyes here]


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