Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Congratulations Bishops Vineyard in Ohau, NZ

How proud am I to be the daughter of an award winning winemaker? VERY!

Congratulations Dad and all involved, I cannot wait to see your label on the shelves over here in Oz.

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  1. ooh, how exciting! my dream is to one day design wine labels. i have a partner who's a winemaker so surely it's not that far fetched!!

  2. Very exciting, sent him a txt but still awaiting a case of said wine to try. ha ha

  3. hi aimee, my name is margaret we brought the bishops home in ohau we live in brissy while we where home we tried the ohau pinot gris at the ohau cafe just loved it i love fejoa's you see, im so pleased to see it on the market now congradulations to all what a lovely drop,ill have to buy a case next time im home. cheers

  4. hey!!!!! chloe here ;) dad looks funny in this pic haha na just kidding.. well kind of :)


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