Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Cushion Sale!

It finally happened...

I have actually sold one of my handmade cushions that have been laying around the house waiting for me to get on with it for far too long.

So this little beauty will be winging it's way to a Vet Clinic of all places in Qld tomorrow. I do hope its not to be used by one of the patients!


  1. Very wierd about the pink flower!!! Love the cushions, I see in the June issue of Living etc, page 143 someone in London is looking for union jack cushions. Yours look very gorgeous.

  2. I saw that too... Shame there weren't any contact details for the person who was looking!

  3. I just got some great feedback from the new owner of my cushion, he was apparently 'thrilled' with it, so that's put a smile on my face!


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