Monday, June 29, 2009

A fab afternoon with the girls...

Well the lunch was great, after a mad dash of a morning trying to get sammies made, house tidied and grog bought, it occurred to me that we only had two wine glasses left following a prior party at ours where a very jolly scotsman got a bit wobbly near some unattended crystal... So I had an ingenious idea and popped into the local vinnies store round the corner and picked up a set of 6 glasses for $1.50 each., magic.

So as expected, an afternoon of gossip, laughter and gooing and gahing at babies ensued whilst getting very jolly on a selection of fine (or not so fine in Tracy's case) wine. An unexpected gatecrash from the Boy who very 'conveniently' had a meeting cancelled and therefore had no choice but to come home and join in, didn't deter from our girlie fun and also meant that the other girls' Boys, stayed for a few when they came to pick up their giggly girls after work. Lovely.

The beautiful Manni had a lovely time too, I made sure i was well stocked up with some of her favourite reads....

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