Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mini Break!

On Friday, the Boy Person and I are heading off on a 'mini break' with two great friends for a weekend of fun, food, far-too-much-wine and football.

A few hours south of Perth is the fabulous Margaret River region famous for its fabulous wineries, scenery, wineries, surf beaches, wineries, chocolate factory, oh and it has great wineries.

The Bunker Bay Resort will be our base for the weekend, a place the two of us stayed a couple of years ago and loved. This time we are sharing a two bedroom villa with our friends.

It is just a short stroll from the villas down to the beach...

The heated pool looks fantastic but I'm not sure we'll be braving it at this time of year...

Last time our villa had a private garden, I wonder if we'll be on the resorts' lake this time…
The rooms are comfortable and stylish with HUGE bathrooms...

On Saturday we have a 5 hour tour of the wineries booked in, and this is to be our transport…

We're stopping for lunch at the famous Flutes restaurant at the Brookland Valley winery where we will line our tummies with gastronomic delights to soak up the mornings tastings and prepare for the afternoons'.

There is of course the World Cup to consider, so we will be having to huddle around the villa TV (which looks worryingly small in the pics) at some horrible hour of the morning on both Saturday and Sunday to ensure we catch the England and Australian match's.

I had to call ahead before booking the accommodation (conditions imposed by the Boy Person) to specifically ask for confirmation that all four Fox sports channels were available in the villas. Thankfully I spoke to a sports fan who understood the importance of such a query and was happy to check and double check before confirming that we would indeed have access to all of the requested channels. Well thank heavens for that :)

I hope you too have something nice to look forward to this weekend x


  1. I'm so envious Aimee - I love the villas at Bunker Bay. I could so do with a week roaming around Margaret River, have a wonderful time!!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Lucky you, it all looks and sounds amazing! Enjoy. xx


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