Friday, June 11, 2010

Busy Busy and Bargains Aplenty

I have been too busy for blogging lately, which is sad as I should find time for it, however there has been so much going on at the moment with my first Photography Assignment (9/10!), completing a course on share trading on the ASX and the ker-AZY sales on in Perth at the moment.
We have been making the most of the huge discounts at David Jones and stocking up on a multitude of quality household items. I am very fond of my new Jamie Oliver saucepan set ($500 off), Le Creuset grill pan and French Oven (half price!), new additions to my Wusthof knife collection (30% off), and the only thing that has managed to distract the Boy Person from the upcoming world cup madness… his new Jura coffee machine (which had an amazing $1600 off!) from which I am enjoying a delish flat white at this very moment.

So I hope to settle back into normality next week, and get some time to browse blogland a bit, I do miss it so.

Have a fabulous weekend people! x

Image: By Aimee for Live Lush & Laugh

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