Friday, June 11, 2010

FIFA Fever

Our house is about to become a Football (yes, that's 'Football' not 'Soccer') mad zone for the next few weeks, the Boy Person is at this minute, out stocking up on beer and homemade Pizza ingredients whilst texting me every few minutes to tell me how excited he is that this momentous occasion is finally upon us.

The FIFA 2010 World Cup opening ceremony is on the box tonight, and we will be, sat as a family of four, firmly on the couch, all together (whether we are 'all' interested or not…), for the entire duration.

Then, by the sounds of it, my house will become some sort of doss-house to many English expats who are temporarily leaving their wives and girlfriends while all this hoopla is going on to become creatures of the night, gathered nervously around our television, or pacing up and down the living room, or hiding in the guest bathroom only to peek out every now and then to see if it is still as bad or as close as it was last time they peeked.

I shall be tip toeing around quietly while all this is going on, waving a wee NZ flag, well, for a little while anyway until the not so unpredictable happens at which point I shall swap it for a wee St Georges flag to show support for the Boy Person (and all of our temporary lodgers) in this ever so stressful time.

Let the games begin!

Images: NZ & England Official World Cup 'Away' Shirts.

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  1. Its started, isn't it great!!! Very excited in this house too. Watched Germany crucify Aussies this morning, and have to say I felt sorry for the poor Aus team, thats not normal I know, and they probably wont even flinch for us if we find ourselves in similar situation, but I do hope they fare better in their next games.


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