Monday, May 10, 2010

Snail Mail Joy

It is so rare these days to receive proper hand written or hand typed letters, nicely folded and sealed in a real paper envelope with a stamp and everything! What a treat to get this little lovely in the post box, in between all the usual bills and boring paraphernalia that gets shoved down our throats these days.

I will admit that email serves a wonderful purpose, and I love that Mum and I can just shoot off some instant news without having to make a trip to the Post Office. But once and a while… for a nice change, it is lovely to get one of these….

As Mum has recently procured a fab new old Imperial typewriter, she typed up a wee note to accompany some lovely family photos.

Thanks Mum! I will send something back very soon… x


  1. Ooooh thats lovely, glad you enjoyed. xx

  2. And now she has ner shiny new MAC too - is that from the sublime to the ridiculous? How lucky she is to have both her gorgeous old Imperial friend and the latest techo-whiz computer too!


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