Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back to School

I am a student once again.

So first things first, I need a yellow headband and Blair Waldorfs' stylist.

Actually, might as well throw in my very own Dorota too… She can bring me coffee when I'm buried in the books.
Some fun and fancy Kikki-K stationary…

And as I am doing a Diploma in Photography, my nice shiny new Nikon D90 will come in terribly handy I'm sure!

It's a bit scary but I am so excited about the course. A 24 week (approx) programme is supposed to turn me from novice to professional freelance photographer, with support and guidance from a pro that has been a success in the industry since before I was born.

My first assignment already has me completely terrified, but I will do it and I will learn, and in no time at all I will be taking fabulous shots and hopefully getting paid for it! (she says optimistically… lets hope that lasts!)

Wish me luck! x


  1. It sounds very exciting Aimee, although I can understand the nervousness. Maybe some of Blair's confidence would also come in handy! (I'd like a Dorota too - and I'd be a lot nicer to her than Blair.)

  2. I would love to be able to photograph well. You'll be fine, as we know, you already have a good eye for it. Enjoy! xx


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