Friday, April 9, 2010

We recently celebrated Miniature-boy-person-R's' 12th birthday.

Boys seem to be so much simpler (and less interesting) than girls to please in the birthday department. Despite my visions of throwing a sophisticated, glamorous, gossip girl-esque event that we could invite all our friends to, with mountains of beautifully wrapped gifts, live entertainment, fabulously crafted and wonderfully tasty food that would show up every other parent who dropped off their young Masters to 'THE' year 7 party of the year... This was not to be.

All that is required is:
A Swimming pool with a slide.
Chicken Nuggets and Chips.
Cash gifts only.
And a store bought cake (gasp!)

According to Boy Person senior and Mrs X, this was all that was required and it would be pointless to try and do anything more. (Although if I thought I would not be treading on certain toes, I still think a home made cake would have been preferable).

Determined to add my little stamp of 'hey look at what a fun and cool step-parent I am', I decided that I could at least throw together some fun treats for the few boys that stayed over at ours after the party. The treats seemed to go down very well, even if the groovy presentation packaging that I scoured all of Perth for did seem to go somewhat un-noticed.

Feeling very pleased with my discovery that the four boys initials spelled out a very apt word for what I intended on feeding them, I bagged up an assortment of sweet treats for that ever important midnight snack and labelled them accordingly....

The labelling was also important due to the fact than one of the visiting young men, Master 'A', does not like chocolate. Yes I am Serious. Weird child. So he had to have some alternative junk thrown in.

For movie and games time, homemade, buttery popcorn was guzzled down happily, (although a couple of days later we were somewhat mortified to hear Miniature-boy-person-C announce to us that "only poor people ate popcorn at the movies". Oh dear. I think perhaps we should watch what we say, even in jest, around impressionable ears from now on!

Happy 12th Birthday Master 'R', may it be a long and happy year, because I fear it is inevitable that you will soon be turning into that teen monster that we all turn into as part of the complete life experience. Yeah yeah, I know... "What-evA". ;-) x


  1. I had a laugh at the C.R.A.P. Well done for trying.

  2. Loved the post. Reminded me of a certain young lad who didn't want any brands showing on his clothing! Keep persisting they will appreciate it later in life. Boys are usually keen to blend in and minimise fuss, though all I wanted for my 12 Th birthday was a pair of Alan Ball white football boots! Xx

  3. Well done Aimee in somewhat 'trying' circumstances. Unfortunately, one has to quash one's creativity when it comes to boy anything, they just can't abide a fuss or being the centre of attention. Quite the opposite to the girls!
    Millie ^_^


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