Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jim jam jom jimlesticks

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front for a while, its been my first week of not working at the Mint and we've just had ANZAC weekend so we had all sorts going on. I've really enjoyed getting back into the 'family' business and not waking up dreading the days ahead of me.

I was doing some laundry today and I was confronted with a realisation of something quite astonishing, something that had completely escaped my attention until now, despite its quite alarming obviousness…. I have an addiction. To Pyjamas. Peter Alexander Pyjamas to be exact. Since visiting Sydney many many years ago from NZ, when i first discovered the genius that is Peter Alexander PJ's, I have always gone back for more… But this many more? I had no idea!

The Boy Person now wears them also, just because they are there… And they are there, because I buy them. I may have a problem.

But let me be clear here, this is not a thing about wearing PJ's to bed, this is more about throwing off the days business attire, and blobbing out on the couch in front of Inspector Morse or Midsomer Murders in some elasticated, brightly coloured, cotton, breathable, baggy comfy loveliness. Daggy? Yes, perhaps. But do I care? No.

I will not wear them to the shops,
I will not wear them without matching tops.
I will not wear them when visitors knock,
I will not wear them before 5 O'clock… (hmm… that last one was just for rhyming sake.. not true at all)

You get my drift.

So thank you Mr. Alexander, I love getting into your pants!

Images by Aimee for Live Lush laugh

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  1. They look great hanging up in rows. Certainly a better option than trackies.


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