Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've been tagged

Jan over at Fancy That tagged me to play along with a wee game, all I have to do is re-post the 6th photo I ever posted here on Live Lush & Laugh. Well thats easy enough! And here it is:

I fell for this wee oil painting in a great second hand store here in Perth called Turnstyle Collectables, it is packed with amazing items and inspired my current interest in finding old but beautiful treasures at estate auctions, fairs, antique stores and online. This little painting is now part of a cluster wall with a few other friends that I have collected along the way….

To the lovely bloggers listed below, if any of you would like to play along then just re-post your 6th photo ever posted and take a wee trip down memory lane.

Tag! You're it:

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