Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Hurty Back

Oh the pain!!!

I feel the need to share with whoever is out there, the excruciatingly diabolical pain of my very, VERY, Hurty Back. I have no idea what caused it, it could have been the new routine that I couldn't quite get the hang of at the gym yesterday, it could be a slothing injury from lying on the couch watching back to back episodes of 'Flight of the Conchords' with the Boy... I don't know what did it, but OH. MY. GOD... IT HURTS! I shall give you a few moments now so that you may send lashings of e-sympathy my way.....



Righto, thanks for that.

So. after a somewhat amusing, but at the same time horribly painful and quite distressing trip to the Chiropractor and the GP, (amusing because of the fact I had to hobble along in public, bent at a 90 degree angle whilst hanging on to the Boys arm for support, and intermittently dropping to floor in great spasms of pain, sounding like I had a bad case of tourettes... ... hmm, doesn't sound that amusing does it? Perhaps you just had to be there...) I was prescribed a lovely cocktail of painkillers and anti-inflams and sent home to 'see how I go'.

How great are prescription pain killers?! So after popping the pills...

...It was home to the couch for back to back 'Spooks' and being waited on by the Boy who brought me our fave take away Vietnamese and tried his very hardest not to laugh at my pathetic attempts to move about. Bless his little heart x

Hopefully all settles down and i'll regain all normal function again very soon.

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  1. Oh no!!! that sounds very bad. Poor you, and Spooks hardly the most relaxing programme,albeit a goody, to be watching.


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