Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goodbye 'burbs, HELLO City!

I just got the call I have been waiting for, we have been approved to take residence at this beautiful property that we fell head over heels for last week....

We wanted to be closer to the city, near beautiful Hyde Park, and we wanted a house that was simply more 'us', and this baby ticks all the boxes!

I cannot wait to start making this stunning house my home x


  1. Aimee this looks soooo lovely, and will be amazing when it gets 'you' into it. When is moving day?

  2. Wow! Brilliant news. Looks amazing - very tidy and well set out. Love the polished floors and finishing.

  3. Our fav bit is that we can open up the living area completely to merge with the courtyard/garden.... Great entertaining space! It;s also nice that there is a great cafe just up the road that does good coffee (a rarity in Perth) and a nice pub just minutes away :)

  4. I suspect you might have some visitors popping over soon for a holiday! Looks as though it has lovely character.


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