Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dating Agency for Socks

Do you have one in your home?
My dressing table stool is the venue where all hip single socks mingle these days, it used to be that the telephone table in the living room was the hot spot in town, but now that place is just sooo 2009. Recently, any sock who is any sock heads to the dressing table stool in the hope of meeting their true 'Sole Mate'.

How these couples end up apart in the first place is a mystery, it just seems that a whole lot of agitation occurs in the old Fisher & Paykel and one ends up running out on the other or worse, getting mixed up with someone else's partner.

As they say though, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and usually, after a bit of time to think and a few rejections from other seemingly like minded but not quite compatible partners, these lone fellows end up finding their way back to their perfect match.

Today, at the Sock Dating Agency, we witnessed such a reunion take place… Oh how we wept with joy….

Here's to all you lucky socks out there who remain happily paired up. x

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  1. We need to start one of those here, our poor abandoned socks just seem to end up eternally alone, never to be paired up again, finally dumped or destined to grow old behind the washing machine amongst the fluff balls and dead spiders.


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