Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silly Season Part Two

We had such a fantastic NYE. I have always thought that a masquerade party would be the perfect compromise between the utter annoyance of having to come up with an fun, witty, unique, comfortable, flattering, inexpensive costume and the ennui of the 'every saturday night with a few friends and an esky of beer in the backyard shindig'. So, a masquerade party is what we had. And it was fun!

The boy person and I were the only ones with home made masks, and these were bit rushed on the night before but nonetheless did the job. In actual fact I was quite pleased with the very simple solution I came up with for his mask… I painted a plain mask in Blackboard paint so that he and others at the party could decorate it as the night went on.

I made these cucumber cups with homemade boursin after seeing the recipe at design sponge and they were absolutely divine, great for a warm summers evening…

Towards the end of the evening (or should that be, 'as the sun was coming up'…) this is pretty much what everything was looking like, a blur of dancers, sparklers, music and laughter. A wonderful start to 2010 indeed!


  1. love the blackboard paint idea.

  2. hey aimee !! this is chloe :) check out my blog? xx


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