Monday, October 19, 2009

My directorial debut

I had such a giggle whilst watching Amanda's Monster Mash film over at Small Acorns, that I simply had to do one of my own...

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What a hoot!

Happy Halloween to all my friends, and a big thank you to the films' stars, they were all wonderfully well behaved during filming, although Jodeys insistence on having his hair touched up on every single take was a bit much, especially given the amount he has!
It was a challenge to both direct and star in the production, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience nonetheless. I have to say i did initially have some 'Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia' fears when casting Jason in the main singing role, but darling, you did me proud, a truly outstanding performance.
Keri, you were an angel, that radiant smile of yours never faded, even when the bats shat all over you in rehearsal. And finally to our Monster, Andy you were anything but a monster to direct, and those moves of yours? Boy, have you got rhythm!

Thanks for sharing this Amanda, so much fun!

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  1. They're a great giggle aren't they Aimee! So pleased you had some fun with this! Amanda xx


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