Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work I go...

Yep, it's sad but true. My lovely long break from the 9 to 5 grind has come to an end. But I have managed to land the perfect job for me, the job description was such a scarily accurate description of my skills that it seemed inevitable that I should get the gig. And I did.

So it's time to get back to a bit of reality. The closest i've been to attending an office in the last year or so is the time I have spent losing myself in the fabulous Madison Avenue offices of the 1960's Advertising elite. Hmmm…. i wonder….

A scotch or two while we discuss the budget forecasts?

A secretary as eager to please as Peggy Olsen?

A Marlboro light and a morning gossip with the girls?

No, I suppose not.

I should think it will be more rabbit warren than tastefully styled corner office, answering of my own telephone,  swipey card thingamy-bobs to get through every door, perhaps the occasional wine AFTER work on a friday, and probably no dreamy Don Draper. ho-hum.

Oh… but there is lots and LOTS of this….

I shall certainly enjoy any staff discount on offer at my new place of work. The Perth Mint!


  1. Aimee - one of our sons works for Dominion Gold, so we have a link! Hope all goes well on your foray back into the 9-5 grind.
    Millie ^_^

  2. Go girl! I'm sure you'll love being back into the daily grind. Received my little pack of treasures from Teddy Lemon. Thanks they're very sweet. xxx

  3. I know that you will slip into the 9-5 routine easily.
    All the best, I am sure it will be as good as gold.


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