Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gossip Girl Goodness

I have to admit I got myself completely addicted to Gossip Girl whilst the Boy was overseas, I even managed to down the whole two series' in just two weeks!

When the news came that we would be moving into our fab new house, I immediately started getting inspired all over the place for decorating ideas, and I just cant get past the combination of colours and styling found in Serena's decadent boudoir, as well as a couple of Blairs outfits from the last few episodes that really got the inspiration juices flowing.

Time can only tell if I a. Pull it off or b. change my mind a million times before finally ending up with a bedroom that looks nothing like the lemony, golden, duck eggy goodness that those rich Manhattan fashionistas have got me dreaming about....

I do have some way to go however, having just moved in, our bedroom looks a little 'blah' to say the least...

However, I have managed to make a small start by spraying the silver bases of our Ikea bedside lamps gold, and putting some pieces to inspire me on my bedside table...

The flowers were kindly donated by the neighbors (unbeknownst to them however) and the picture is of the Boy as, well, a boy, playing in a (duck egg!) blue bath with his action man... too cute!

Now i have a million things that need sorting out, throwing out, to be spray painted or made... so until next time, in the words of Gossip Girl...

"Ex oh Ex oh'


  1. Gosh ... I bet that boy grew up into a hunky handsome man!

  2. Don't go too mad with the spray can. Ha ha. Love your little bedside table scene. Good camellias, what else have the neighbours got?

  3. Well, they have a big lemon tree that occasionally drops its ripe fruit on our side of the fence, and from what i can tell by peeking over the fence, they also have Passionfruit and Avocado trees... oh how i wish they were close to the fence too! x


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